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weeBID is the marketplace for fans to crowdfund unique content from their favorite artists, musicians, athletes, creators, and personalities.
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Support leading creators with weeBID

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Herbie Hancock
Grammy winning Jazz pianist, keyboardist, bandleader, composer, and actor.
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Quincy Jones
28 time Grammy award winning pianist, composer, record & tv producer, & songwriter.
An image of Bomani X.
Bomani X
The original Clubhouse app icon, guitarist, musician, and creative thought leader.
An image of a creator.
Greg Spero
Jazz pianist, composer, Yamaha musician, producer and touring musician for Halsey.
An image of a creator.
Ruslan Sirota
Grammy award winning pianist, producer, and musical composer focused on Jazz, R&B, & funk.
An image of a creator.
Sean Cavaliere
Model, actor, singer and musician. Former member of the music group, New District.
An image of a creator.
Austin Dean Ashford
OneBeat Colombia Fellow, musician, spoken word artist, & interdisciplinary fine arts PhD.
An image of a creator.
Vince 'Rocco' Vargas
Actor best known for FX's Mayans M.C. Producer, writer and former U.S. Army Ranger.

How it works

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Submit your ideas

Submit ideas to your favorite creators. Want a quicker response? Bid on your idea and crowdfund with friends to incentivize a reply.
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Get unique replies

If a creator likes your idea, they'll create and upload a reply. Getting access to unique content has never been easier.

Submit ideas for your favorite creators

Think of an idea you've always had for your favorite creator. Put it in writing on weeBID to make it visible to the creator and other supporters.
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Incentivize ideas to show your support

Want to support your favorite creators? Place a small bid on your ideas to incentivize a creator response. Take it a step further by sharing it with your peers. Bids will never be charged unless you receive a response.

Receive unique replies from creators

If a creator likes your idea and feels incentivized to complete it, you'll receieve a reply. Sit back and watch as your favorite creators reply to your unique content ideas.
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Submit content ideas for world-class creators, celebs, musicians, athletes, & more.

By crowdfunding ideas for your favorite creators, you'll increase your chance of receiving a reply, whether it's a brand new record, a live performance, or anything else you can dream up.
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A creator recording a podcast.
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When will weeBID become publically available?

weeBID is currently in beta, and we're working hard to build something creators and fans will love. In the meantime, you can sign up to become one of our early testers.

What do I need to get started?

To get started, create your profile, upload a creator image, then share with friends to begin receiving and crowdfunding ideas.

What can I use weeBID for?

There are endless uses for the weeBID platform. Use it to submit custom content ideas like a new album release, a live stream, or any other project you can think of.

What sorts of fees does weeBID charge?

weeBID only charges supporters for the bids they place. For creators, a small 8% transaction fee is collected upon successful completion of an idea. 

Can I use my local currency to bid on ideas? 

Our bidding system supports the use of over 135 local currencies, and all completed crowdfunds are converted to the creator's local currency.

How does weeBID prevent fraud?

weeBID doesn't store sensitive information such as user addresses or birthdays, and all payments are processed using a secure third-party API. 

How is my information kept safe when using weeBID?

Our platform currently has measures in place to detect any suspicious activity on our servers, and we consistently work to make weeBID more secure. 

How do I remove a bid that I've already placed?

Removing a bid that you've placed is simple. To start, access the ideas you've bid on from your profile. If an idea hasn't already received a response, you can expand it, then click the "Contribute to Crowdfund" button to access the bidding modal. From here, simply remove your bid by pressing the lower bid button.

How long will it take to receive a reply from a creator?

Creator response times depend on a couple of factors. If a creator likes a particular idea, or if the idea has received bids from the crowd, a quick response is most likely to occur.

How can I get a creator to respond more quickly to my idea?

If you want a creator to respond to your idea even faster, try using the share functionality to spread it around to your friends. If you thought it was a good idea, there's a strong chance your peers will too!

Why should I use weeBID instead of another platform?

weeBID is a platform that's the first of its kind, allowing fans to request and crowdfund nearly any idea they have for a creator. This allows fans to think outside of the box, and it gives creators insight into what supporters really want to see.

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