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Great ideas
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weeBID is the first fan initiated
crowdfunding platform.
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Empowering fans to influence
and support their favorite creators.


Submit an idea to your favorite creator.

Think of that thing you’ve always wanted your favorite creator to do. Ask them to do it, and the question will live on weeBID for all the other fans to see.

Ask a question app screen

Show support by placing bids.

Incentivize a question with a small financial commitment, a bid, or by sharing it with friends. The more bids and social attention your question receives, the quicker it will be answered. You can always remove a bid before the question is answered.

Bid to your favorite question app screen

Receive an answer.

Once a creator does the thing you've asked, they'll submit proof in the form of a video answer. You’ll get a notification, and be able to watch as your favorite creators show you a completed request.

Watch a video answer from your favorite creator

Become a beta tester.

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